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Special Residential Window Treatment Program For Home Designers In Boise

Searching for that extra something to take your interior designs to new heights? Interested in teaming up with one of the most highly rated window treatment companies around?

If so, the Sunburst Shutters Boise program is the solution for you, giving you and your clients top of the line products and reliable service from a window fashion company that’s done business for 40 years.

We partner with numerous interior designers to give customers custom window treatments from plantation shutters to drapes and everything in between in houses across Boise and beyond. Rest assured you can trust the high quality of our craftsmanship and the expert service we provide your customers.

[Dining room|Modern Dining room]401] with plantation shutters.

This exclusive window treatment program has a built-in designer commission for each job, and offers numerous perks you won’t get elsewhere:

● The highest quality window treatment products, guaranteed to outlast products from other manufacturers.

● A vast array of style options, enabling you to find the perfect window covering to complement your design.

● The latest and greatest in window fashion and design.

● Local Boise installers offering complete customer satisfaction.

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Benefits Of The Sunburst Shutters Interior Designer Program

Guaranteed Quality

When your clients want the best window treatments, we deliver. Our line of plantation shutter products are manufactured from material that will last just as long as your client’s house.  Polywood® shutters can be exposed to UV exposure and regular wear for several years, and continue to stay as beautiful as they were from day one.

With the Sunburst Interior Designer Program, all of our window coverings, from our namesake shutters to blinds and shades, are available to your clients.

Huge Variety

Sunburst Shutters Idaho has all the window treatments you’re looking for, all in one place. Polywood is chosen more than any other plantation shutter in the country. Ovation® is the only shutter in the world to receive a five star rating. We also offer sliding barn doors to be added to homes as window coverings and doors. And don’t forget about our shades, blinds, and other window treatments. You name it - you can use it!

With Sunburst, you get access to a huge variety of quality window treatments, without needing to shop around.

The Latest Home Fashion Trends

When home designers wanted the latest window treatments, we answered the call. Sliding barn doors, one of the most popular new interior design items, are now available to you from Sunburst. And our innovative engineering has enabled us to make and install shutters from reclaimed wood. That means you can easily implement the old-fashioned look you love into your design with our new reclaimed wood plantation shutters.

Start incorporating these latest window treatment trends and more with this special Sunburst program.

Custom Shapes & Sizes

Windows run the gamut of shapes and sizes, including triangular, arched, and bay windows. Window treatments need to as well.

No matter what kind of client you’re working with, our professionals measure each window precisely and use advanced software to create any shape of shutters for a perfect fit. The installed shutters suit each curve and angle so that the architecture of the window is solid, and the shutter is easily used.

Local Boise Professionals

Whatever your creative vision is, our installers can help you make it happen. We know what window treatments work best in Boise. And we’ll give your clients all the attention they require, every time.

Sunburst takes care of each and every detail required for making and installing your window treatments. That means you won’t need to worry about measuring windows, purchasing products, or installing anything. Our goal is to make you look good to your client. And we deliver on that front by making sure you’re overwhelmingly happy with the new window treatments.

It’s all part of our white glove service. And your customers are going to delight at how incredible their new window coverings look, and how easy they are to use.

A Profitable Partnership

Whether you want complete involvement in the process or barely any involvement at all, we have a commission program to fit your window treatment buying needs.

Referral Program. You refer us to your customer. We work and invoice them directly. When the project is over, you receive a standard commission*. It’s that simple.

Partnership Program. The partnership program begins with you contacting us about a job. We visit the home—normally in tandem with you—and act as your window treatment partner. Then, we charge you the wholesale price, and you are able to bill your client for your services at a retail price you’re comfortable with. We are able to work with you to negotiate a cost for our products and services that could enable you to make a significant amount on every home. In this scenario, we have almost no direct involvement with your customer, and we work mainly behind the scenes with you.

Note: All designers need to register and complete a W9 form in order to be paid.

*Some variety in commission parameters and percentages may exist in stores across the country.

 Boise bathroom with white plantation shutters.

Get Started With Us

We realize you need to be picky about what furnishings and decor you suggest to your clients. That’s why we’re ready to stake our reputation alongside your own in providing for your clients’ satisfaction.

If you want to work with one of the best in the nation, reach out to us today at 208-609-9129 to get the perks of this premier window treatment partnership for Boise home designers!