Our Shutter Factory

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions is proud to offer Boise interior shutters and other window coverings that are 100% Made in America.

Boise shutter factory

Our main manufacturing facility is in Wausau, Wisconsin from which we manufacture countless shutter panels each day. We also do some manufacturing here in Boise. Everything that goes into our shutters happens here in America, from sourcing the materials, to the assembly and finish of the shutter panels. Several companies buy materials from other countries and only put them together in the U.S., but that’s not how Sunburst operates.

Look at what a difference that American-made workmanship can make for you.


Our factory utilizes cutting-edge equipment custom-made for Sunburst that lets us build the highest quality window treatments. Our facilities have also reduced waste and increased efficiency via more environmentally responsible equipment and processes.

It’s an honor to say we’re 100% American-made. Very few companies are able to claim that. But Sunburst Shutters Boise always has been and always will be.

These Sunburst Boise window treatments are totally American-made: