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Why White Shutters are the Premiere Shutter Color in Boise

February 20, 2017
Color, style, and material. Those are the three most important factors that determine how a new window treatment will look in a home. Though multiple materials and styles of plantation shutters are common, the most common shutter color is white, by far.

So why is white the most popular color for plantation shutters? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why white shutters have been a Boise window staple for decades.

White Shutters Are Timeless

High-quality shutters such as Polywood® plantation shutters are designed to last a lifetime, which makes white a fantastic color option. Why? Because white furnishings are timeless, and always in style. Regardless of what new trends in color appear or disappear over time, white will always go with them. And whether your house has intricate or very basic style, the timeless look and straight lines of white plantation shutters fit in perfectly.

Boise foyer white shutters 

Want proof? Simply look at how many different styles of homes can use white plantation shutters. Craftsman style, modern, Mediterranean, Cape Cod, and most other home styles all frequently utilize white shutters in their design. It’s plain to see that white shutters span a period of several years.

White Shutters Increase Energy Efficiency

One of the best perks of plantation shutters is their unmatched energy efficiency. Polywood shutters are able to block up to 30 degrees of heat moving through your window, and there’s no more effective window treatment available in Boise.

Boise family room white shutters

So what part does color play? You may already be aware that lighter shades reflect heat, while darker colors absorb it. That means that a white shutter won’t be a vector through which heat enters your home, unlike a dark color. If you’ve ever stepped barefoot onto a faux-wood deck that’s been in the summer sun, you know how hot the material can get. The darker the shutter color, the more heat it will absorb and pass through into your space.

White Shutters Offer The Most Design Freedom

Your Boise home is an extension of your own personality, so the ability to fully express your creativity through your home design is essential. Almost no window treatments give you the same creative freedom that white plantation shutters do. Here’s why.

  • White is one of the most versatile neutral tones. Which means it won’t complicate a color pattern, so you won’t be cornered into a certain palette in your space.

  • White shutters let you break “the rules.” You may have heard the advice to always match your window treatments to the window trim, but with white shutters that isn’t always necessary. Because white complements every other color, they can perfectly fit alongside non-white trim.

  • If you need to combine window treatments, white plantation shutters provide a great contrast to different colors of curtains, drapes, and other fabric window coverings.

There are many reasons why white is the most popular shutter color, and we’ve only talked about a fraction of them here. To find out more about the benefits of white shutters, call Sunburst Shutters Boise at 208-609-9129 today or fill out the form below to schedule a free in-home window design consultation.