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When The Boise Weather Cools - And How To Insulate Your Windows Against It

November 18, 2015

This time of year, the weather cools in Boise. And when you see how that affects your energy bill, it’s time to find ways to decrease it. Insulating your windows contributes to your energy savings during the colder winter months.

Discover these three ways you can insulate your windows against the cooling temperatures in Boise, ID.

Traditional Sealing Kits

It’s common to see weatherproofing kits in grocery stores in the Boise area. They include instructions on how much of the film to cut, where to stick the tape, and how to shrink the film with a hairdryer. This reduces drafts and heat loss.

However most homeowners shy away from this method when there’s a number of windows to insulate. And when you apply shrink film to a window, this means the window is closed until the weather warms up. If these are concerns for you, insulating window treatments, such as Polywood® shutters and Solar Gard® window film, are a better solution.

Polywood Shutters

Polywood Shutters Completely Closed To Insulate The Windows For The Boise Winter

Crafted from synthetic wood, Polywood shutters are the most energy efficient window treatment you’ll find in the Boise area. They block the effects of the weather 70% better than the equivalent wood shutter, and 1600% better than an aluminum blind. Polywood blocks airflow by up to 45% and deflects temperature by 30°.

Third Party Test Showing How Polywood Shutters Block Up To 30 Degrees Of Temperature

The weather stripping, the shutter frame, and the louver material make Polywood shutters the preferred choice for insulating your home.

Solar Gard Window Film

Solar Gard is a premium window film you can apply to the window pane year round. It does not affect your window’s look, unlike insulating kits. And the best part of Solar Gard is that you can open the window any time you want. That’s because the film doesn’t stretch over the window frame.

Solar Gard is especially beneficial during Boise winters because it decreases heat transfer through the glass. Now the cold air stays out and the warmth of the room the room.

How To Get Insulating Shutters For Your Windows In Boise, ID

Easy! Our experts will bring samples of Polywood shutters to your house so you can pick the frame style, and the colors, and the louver size you want. And we note the length and width of your windows to make sure your new shutters seal off for total insulation while looking beautiful. We’ll also show you samples of Solar Gard window film, if the product is carried in your area.

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