What Are The Leading Window Treatments For Over The Kitchen Sink In Boise?

Spencer Madsen

If you’re looking for window treatments, be sure to consider your kitchen -- even if the only window is the one over your sink. If you’re worried about the constant spattering of food and water damaging a window treatment over the kitchen sink in your Boise home, use durable faux-wood shutters. They look spectacular in every room but stand up to the often wet and messy kitchen environment.

Plantation shutters over a farmhouse kitchen sink.

Distinctive Plantation Shutters Bring Appeal To Every Boise Kitchen

Window treatments over your kitchen sink in Boise should be simple and durable. With that being said, your kitchen window treatments will feel as nice as your living room treatments when you hang distinctive composite shutters.

This sought-after product melds seamlessly with every kitchen design. They are available in different hues of white that complement your kitchen fixtures and decor, and their solid panels of adjustable louvers offer a counterpoint to the flatter, more uniform aspects of your kitchen. They bring subtle appeal to both extravagant and simplistic kitchens and every one between.

Polywood shutters in a Boise gourmet kitchen.

Interior Shutters Resist Damage From Harsh Conditions

Have you ever seen moisture on window panes when doing dishes or heating water to a boil? That moisture clings to window treatments over your Boise kitchen sink, where it will deteriorate traditional cloth curtains or shades after a period of time.

Use Polywood plantation shutters instead. Their wood substitute and resilient coating resist damage from warm and wet conditions. These popular window treatments are completely waterproof. Polywood shutters will not be yellow, warp, or chip from the humidity in your kitchen.

Natural sunlight and outdoor conditions won’t affect on the Polywood material. On the window over your sink, your shutters are faced with chilly drafts and penetrating UV rays. These exceptional window coverings won’t shrink and expand from the cold outside and heat inside, nor will they suffer from fading due to high levels of sunshine.

Plantation shutters in a bright Boise kitchen.

Interior Shutters Allow the Perfect Amount of Natural Light

Good lighting is essential in your Boise kitchen. It would be silly to injure yourself because you’re struggling to see what you’re doing! Plantation shutters bring in the desired level of natural light and adjust easily. Open the panels or effortlessly move the tilt rod to shift the louvers. There’s no need to get frustrated with cords that always get tangled or a pull bar that’s hard to grab on to when you want to change the lighting.

If you want full light, swing the panels open wide. If the sun is blinding, swing the panels back shut and tilt open the louvers for softer light. You can also shift the slats to redirect glare off of shiny surfaces in your kitchen. If you want to avoid neighbors seeing into your home after dark, shut the louvers tight for total privacy.

Polywood shutters in a Boise kitchen.

Faux Wood Shutters Clean Up Easily

Kitchens can be dirty with an abundance of sauce splatters, grease, and dirt. The window treatment over your Boise kitchen sink must be easy to clean. This is one reason why Polywood great for kitchens. Their hard, smooth finish won’t absorb stains and odors like fabric options. They just need a quick dusting or wipe with your lightly dampened rag, and they look good as new.

You’ll never have to waste time awkwardly moving your dust rag between the louvers as you do with flimsy blinds. Shutter louvers are sturdy, and you can customize with wider options that leave large spaces for you to move around.

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