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Cellular shades on bullnose windows

How To Pick Window Treatments For Bullnose Windows In Boise

July 01, 2021

Bullnose windows feature rounded corners that give them an appealing, distinctive quality. Because their sides aren’t square like on most windows, you might wonder what window treatments to use on bullnose windows in Boise. If you want to highlight their rounded edges, attach your chosen window treatment inside the window opening. If you prize window treatments that give you energy savings, privacy and solid construction over the look of your bullnose corners, go with interior shutters installed on a supporting frame that extends beyond the edges of the opening.

Gray cellular shades in a window

Highlight Your Bullnose Windows With Roller Shades

There are a limited number of houses with bullnose windows, so it makes sense if your goal is to keep them visible to provide your Boise residence architectural interest. Custom window shades give you the ability to show off your bullnose corners but still cover your glass to ensure privacy and light management. Your window covering sales rep will record the measurements of your openings and order your shades to fit perfectly within the frame without any space for sunlight. When ready, they will be installed within your frame.

Any window shade will be a nice complement to your bullnose windows. Your only job is to pick the color or pattern you like for your space. Roller shades come in many colors, patterns, and degrees of opaqueness to mesh with your interior and block outside light. Graceful woven reed shades filter light and give a unique touch to your environment. Instead, you might choose trendy cellular shades to snare chilly drafts and keep your space more comfortable.

Woman admiring plantation shutters

Add Efficiency and Style to Your Bullnose Windows With Plantation Shutters

When your attention is more centered around the window treatments on your Boise bullnose windows than the rounded corners, ask your shutters sales reps about plantation shutters. They are skilled in the proper methods to attach shutters along a framework that covers the outer lip of your opening. That means you will cover the unique curved edges of your bullnose windows, but interior shutters are an architectural feature all their own. Select between crisp white Polywood® shutters or various colors of hardwood Ovation® shutters to coordinate with your decor.

Boise homeowners like Polywood shutters for their flexibility and energy-saving qualities. Their cordless design means they are simpler to close than flimsy blinds, and they shut more securely to block most light. You can shut the panels and angle the slats for the right amount of light or keep the louvers closed for a nearly total absence of light. Faux-wood shutters are also effective in minimizing drafts with their exclusive weatherstripping technology. They insulate your windows better than other options to make your home more energy efficient.

Versatile faux-wood shutters work on all types of windows. In the event your bullnose windows are in a kitchen or bathroom, these unique interior shutters will resist moisture damage from the steamy environment. They won’t discolour in especially sunny windows or suffer cracking when temperatures change with the seasons.

Polywood® blinds in an office

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