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White Polywood shutters in a living room.

3 Different Types of Window Treatments In Boise

September 20, 2021

How frequently have you seen beautiful window treatments and wondered where to find them? Everyone is knowledgeable about traditional drapery, but there are many other different types of window treatments in Boise. From eye-catching interior shutters to soft fabric materials and natural fiber shades, you’ll find a range of enticing window treatments to install in Boise if you are ready for a change .

Louvered Shutters Provide Added Insulation And Appeal

White arched shutters in a fancy bathroom.

Plantation shutters utilize typically two hinged panels connected to a frame around your window. Each panel has louvers that tilt up and down to control the natural light in your space. You also have the option open the panels at the hinges for a full view outside. The shutters are fabricated to install within your window openings perfectly and minimize sunlight and drafting when closed. For extra insulation, you should consider highly efficient Polywood® shutters which include weatherstripping.

Friends and family will quickly become aware of your louvered shutters as they are much different from traditional window drapes and curtains. Their classic styling blends with all kinds of decor, from simple to elaborate and all others. You can create a timeless design with natural wood shutters or go more contemporary with crisp white Polywood. They add inspiring interior appeal to any area, from bathrooms to main living spaces.

Fabric Window Shades Will Work Well In Your Home

White sheer shades in a bedroom.

Cloth window shades can be found in various designs but generally consist of a versatile panel that you pull down from an unobtrusive apparatus at the top of your window frame. Many kinds which include zebra and roller shades coil around a tube and unwind when you close them by pulling at the bottom. Shades like cellular shades compress together neatly at the top of the window frame and spread back out if you close them.

Of all the different types of window treatments in Boise, soft material window shades come in the widest variety. If you have a particular aesthetic you plan to implement for a room --or your entire interior--you can easily find window shades that fit your theme. select roller shades for minimalist or rustic designs or Roman shades when you want a product that’s a bit more luxurious. Zebra shades have a unique, attention-getting quality. Lightweight sheer shades make your home feel more open. While considering the many different kinds of cloth window shades, you will uncover an abundance of colors, patterns, and materials.

Distinctive Organic Materials Add A Touch Of Nature To Your Interior

Tan woven fiber shades in a living room

Woven shades are noticeable as you look at the different types of window treatments in Boise because they provide an unmistakable feel of nature. They are made of woven organic substances like reed and bamboo. The various materials and weaving techniques can create some distinctive looks to blend with your interior. The different weaves causes them to have a range of transparency levels for light control and privacy too.

Utilizing wood and plant fibers to cover your windows adds a bit of Mother Nature into your Boise home. It’s also important to note, these types of shades look incredibly elegant. They permit a little sunshine to seep into a dark formal dining room or remind you of exotic locales in your home office. You might utilize them to make your quiet sitting area feel more zen or as a point of emphasis in your primary living space.

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