The Top Window Treatments For Kids And Pets in Boise

Spencer Madsen

When the whole family is home for long stretches of time, your home might begin to look smaller than normal. Main play areas, like family rooms and bedrooms, can easily become cluttered with play things. Wall photos  and window treatments  can get destroyed during a spontaneous game of tag or hot lava the usual roughhousing a unofficial game of inside catch.  Fingerprints and wet nose smudges can reflect on any item, detailing exactly what place your family was in.

Like most things in your house it should come as no surprise that you probably already realize that you will need durable window treatments for kids and pets in Boise. They should be simple to clean and simple to operate -- and able to hold up to an active family. That means getting rid of those brittle window shades and blinds and installing something like a faux wood plantation shutter.

Parents Lifting Child In Front of Window Treatments 

The Reasoning Against Blinds And Curtains 

Hanging blinds are easily damaged around children and pets in Boise. The reason is that blinds use thin slats that are suspended on each side by cords. This allows the window covering to sway against the window. This makes the window treatment light and pliable. These window treatments can cover your windows, but they can easily become damaged during a bit of roughhousing. A sharp hit or a dog face peeping through the slats can tear a slat away from the cord or break it. Plus, any cords dangling can become a safety issue for both children and pets.
Dogs Looking Out Of Window Treatments
Curtains may not hold up much better with kids and pets. Because they hang loosely from one rod above the frame, they can ripped away with a good pull. Ones that hang to the baseboards are the length for cruising toddlers or curious pups to grab onto. Keeping them clean also poses a problem, as erasing little person handprints or paw markings anything beyond everyday wear-and-tear or pet fur and stains will stay until you take them to the cleaners.

Faux Wood Plantation Shutters Are The Top Window Treatments For Kids and Pets In Boise 

Mom and daughter in front of window

Faux wood plantation shutters, such as our Polywood® shutters, are the best option to withstand your family’s active lifestyle. Shutters help you direct light, but use a solid craftsmanship instead of employing fragile cords. With thick louvers and an easy tilting system, your shutters will take every bump from your energetic kids and frisky pets.

Polywood® shutters are also perfect for children and animals because they are easy to clean and will never warp, yellow, or crack. The specially formatted faux wood can take almost everything thrown at them -- no matter what challenge your family thinks up so don’t worry about finding replacement window treatments. Your shutters are also cord-free, making them the safest window covering for small children. And if something does happen, Polywood® shutters come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Plantation Shutters Can Make A Constructive Study Space In Boise

Family room with wall map and plantation shutters

While Polywood® plantation shutters can withstand your kids’ indoor soccer match, they can also help create an effective learning space. Outside light helps inspire young brains, but sun glare can be a distraction. Fortunately, you can angle your shutters so that no matter what time of day studying occurs, you can bring the natural light in or block the sun glare out. Sun glare is never an issue for your “students” because they won't get the sun in their eyes.

If you have to do e-learning, you can close the louvers completely to muffle outside noise. Now, birds or lawn equipment won’t distract your students. Your learners won’t complain about heat loss in the room, as your shutters also keep your rooms just the right temperature due to Polywood’s® energy-efficiency qualities. And if art class happens to go awry, just rub the debris off your treatments with a cloth.

Let A Sunburst Representative Help You Family-Proof Your Window Treatments

You could put the blinds up and keep on scolding about bumping into the curtains. Or you can have a window treatment expert show how plantation shutters are the best window treatment for your active family. To book a complimentary in-home or virtual design consultation, contact us at 208-609-9129 or fill out the form below today.