Matching Your Boise Wood Shutters With The Wood In Your Home

Spencer Madsen

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Natural wood in your Boise home can make it the best on the block. Wood flooring, teak furniture, or exposed beam work are hallmarks of a handcrafted, stylish homestead. And to take it even further, you should accentuate the wood in your interior design with the highest quality Boise wood shutters. Let’s find out how.

The Best Way to Incorporate Different Wood Types in Your Home

A commonly held belief about using natural wood in interior design is that you need to exactly match the wood types across your home. That’s not the best idea for a couple of reasons. The first is that it can be tricky to precisely match wood types: your elm floor, mahogany furniture, and teak wood shutters will naturally look different. Another reason is that if all of the wood in your home matches, everything runs together and nothing really stands out.

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What’s more important is to match the tone and the grain of the wood in your interior. That’s what will give your space a great sense of flow without it being boring or plain.

Matching Wood Grains In Your Design

Matching the grain is fairly simple. If your wood flooring is smooth, choose a smooth finish in your wood shutters to match. If your wood floor is textured, a similar finish to your wood shutters keeps that natural style flowing all through your space.

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Matching Wood Tones In Your Design

Being able to match wood tones can be a little harder. When picking the stain of your wood shutters, keep these things in mind:

  • Stick to the same “family” - though you don’t have to use the exact same species of wood, keep in mind which species of wood are more formal or casual. Cherry and oak are rich and formal, while pine and basswood are closer to casual.

  • The wall is your natural buffer – matching wood furnishings to wood flooring is a little tricky because they sit right next to each other. Your wall is a natural buffer between wood shutters and the rest of your decor, giving you more room to experiment with varying styles.

  • Stay Warm or Stay Cool - Most wood species will be naturally warm or cool in tone. Go with shutters that go with the mood of the room as well as the texture.

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Choose Your Woods in Person

All of this discussion about matching tones, grains, and wood styles might seem daunting, but once you see it in action it will probably make a lot more sense. Schedule a no-cost in-home consultation with your Boise shutter experts today by calling 208-609-9129 and we’ll walk you through the steps from start to finish.