Are There Different Types Of Cordless Window Treatment Options In Boise?

Cordless window treatments offer a range of advantages. They look tidier without dangling strings and they’re easy to use. These window coverings are a wise decision for homes with little ones because there are no cords for the kids to become entangled. You have just one important decision, which cordless window treatment option in Boise is right for your home? Roller shades, motorized shades, and Polywood® shutters all offer you the benefits of cordless window treatments.

Cordless motor shades in a dining room

Cordless Roller Shades Provide The Equivalent Upside Minus The Hassle

Roller shades are popular for Boise properties because they come in a plethora of sizes, color schemes, and varying degrees of opaqueness to get the visual dynamic you desire.Traditionally, you operate roller shades through the use of a beaded chain or string to open and close. Regrettably, that string will take away from the sleek styling of your shades, get tangled, or constantly brush against your wall or window if outside air is moving through.

Cord-free roller shades offer the same advantages without the hassle of a cord. Instead, they utilize a pull bar attached on the lower end of the window treatment that you grip to pull the shade open or closed. This puts a stop to tangled and swinging cords and creates the streamlined look you expect from this window treatment. In lieu of a messy string, you see only the distinct design of your room-enhancing roller shades.

Plantation shutters in a dining room 

Interior Shutters Offer A Smart Replacement To Corded Shades And Blinds

A smart method of going cordless is to banish your blinds and shades all together and turn to interior shutters as an alternative. They are crafted very differently from other window coverings. Shutters feature panels made of hardwood or a faux wood composite that connect to your window frame and swing out to the sides on hinges If you decide to welcome an abundance of light. You may also want to open and close the slats within the panels to redirect the sunlight.

Some interior shutters function with a tilt rod that is utilized to move the slats. When you have products without a tilt rod, you can manually guide the louvers to manipulate them. Both types are sought-after cordless window treatment options in Boise since they offer clean lines that work with all types of homes. Innovative Polywood® shutters are even more durable and long-lasting. You can confidently install them in a humid kitchen or within sun-splashed windows, and they will hold up against the moisture and ultraviolet exposure.

Motorized shades in a living room

Motorized Shades Broaden Your Cordless Window Treatment Options In Boise

Coverings that are controlled by strings can test your patience. You must exert just the right amount of force to move them to the height you want. On the other hand, you can stop the annoyance with motorized window shades. They function with an electric device that is run by a remote controller or mobile app. You have the ability to change the position of your window shades without cords and without getting up from the comfort of your couch. You can even set smart motorized shades to operate at specific times of day to block the sun’s rays in the afternoon or provide privacy at night.

A majority of roller shades have motorized styles, giving you many cordless window treatment options in Boise. You might install automated cellular shades in a drafty window to improve efficiency or elegant motorized Roman shades in a traditional dining area. Or change the lighting in your den without leaving your desk with automated zebra shades.


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