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A dog posed in front of white Polywood shutters.

The Best Dog-Proof Window Treatments For Boise

December 16, 2021

Your canine friends love gazing out your windows and napping in sunlight, but pups can be rough on window treatments. They scratch at them, bite them, and bring them down. While no treatment is completely undestroyable, faux-wood Polywood® shutters are the best dog-proof window treatments in Boise. These beautiful interior shutters won’t crumble easily, clean without a problem, and give every member of your family--canines included--many methods to get light, privacy, and the scenery.

Polywood Shutters Are Tough Dog-Proof Window Treatments In Boise

White Polywood shutters in a bedroom.

Window treatments like window shades, curtains, and blinds look fine in your place, but with their softer fabrics, all it takes is one pull from your dog to bring them to the ground or break them. Polywood shutters are great dog-proof window treatments for Boise families, because of their longevity. They have reliable Polywood panels that are set to a frame surrounding your window and don’t swing down like curtains or drapery or snap with the slightest bump like blinds. They don’t have strings or cords for your pup to bite on or get tangled in either. Fido can paw at your interior shutters and rub her back against the louvers all she can without hurting them. And if the dog makes a chew toy out of a louver, that solitary louver can be swapped out without having to taking down the entire covering.

Polywood Shutters Allow Your Animal See Outside

White shutters on sidelights. 

Every puppy likes to peek out the window, but you may not want outsiders peeping into your living room. Polywood shutters have large louvers that you tilt open just enough to give your furry friend a look outside without sacrificing your privacy. Polywood shutters can also be custom-made to fit odd windows like door windows and sidelights. If your canine swipes at the window when someone comes to the door, put up Polywood shutters so that she can check if it’s a friend or stranger on your porch.

You will direct sun glare with Polywood shutters also. If you want to make an area dim and cool at the hottest time of the day, but Fluffy enjoys lying in a sunbeam, tilt the louvers and aim the sun at the floor. Or install shutters with a split tilt rod. This set up lets you use the lower louvers for your dog and keep the higher louvers shut to stop sun glare.

Polywood Shutters Make Cleaning Up Pet Hair And Nose Prints Easy

Like all your surfaces, window coverings can be covered with dog fur and dander. You can use many tricks to dust them off, but dusting Polywood shutters is pretty easy. Just swipe them with a dry duster or rag, and they’ll become hair-free. If you find dirty foot prints or nose smudges on your shutters, a slightly wet cloth works just fine. As for errant pees, Polywood shutters are moisture-resistant. If your pooch runs in from hazardous weather and shakes himself dry, or your curious dog salivates on your shutters, just pat them dry.

Polywood Shutters Can Be Repaired Instead Of Replaced

White polywood shutters in a small living room. 

Polywood shutters are extremely hardy but not unbreakable. If Barkly looks at your shutters as a bone, he might leave some chaos. Luckily, Polywood shutters are easy to mend. Different from a busted window shade or mangled blinds that should be taken down, you can contact Sunburst Shutters Boise to replace individual shutter louvers. You’ll be able to use your shutters as usual, and as we repair them, your shutters will look new.

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