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WIndow treatments in a high rise apartment

The Best Window Treatments for a High-Rise in Boise

August 28, 2020

Your perspective changes when you live or work in a high-rise building, especially with your grand views overlooking Boise. Whether you’re looking at a corporate office, luxury penthouse, or apartment, high-rise units commonly have tall, impressive windows that may fill an entire wall. With expansive windows like this, you might expect it’s challenging to find appropriate high-rise window treatments in Boise.

Thankfully, there are many window coverings available that will fit the expanse of a tower window. Treatments such as shades and shutters will help filter light while enhancing the room’s appeal. They can even allow you to adjust the thermostat thanks to their energy-saving properties.

Roller Shades Are A Popular Window Treatment For Boise High Rises

Roller shade in Boise

Roller shades are a popular window treatment option because they offer effortless function. They can be customized to work with any size of window, from standard pane windows to much larger picture windows. Moving them up or down is done with a quick tug at the base of the shade, or you can select motorized if your windows are too tall or difficult to reach. And since they fit tight to the window, you never have to worry about thinner window frames.

Roller shades in Boise are available in several levels of opacity from semi-transparent to fully opaque, offering the chance to create a unique feel in each interior space. Available in a multitude of colors and patterns, they blend perfectly with your décor. You can select a sheer fabric that softens the bright city lights while still protecting against glare, or a complete light blocking shade. With a roller shade, you have an endless amount of styles, colors, or fabrics to accentuate your high-rise windows.

Cellular Shades Offer Energy-Savings And Style To Your High-Rise Windows

Cellular shades by in a Boise dining room.

Heat loss can be a serious obstacle to overcome with high-rise windows in Boise. Either heat leaves the living space through the windows, or the sun streams in, giving the area an overly-warm feeling. The more expansive your windows are, the more likely heat loss becomes a concern. Thankfully, you can install a cellular shade to increase your interior’s energy-efficiency.

A cellular shade folds up like an accordion, leaving little, honey-comb like pockets that keep unwanted warmth near the window. That keeps your HVAC-controlled air within the room while stopping hot or cold air from coming in. Similar to their roller shade cousin, cellular shades are produced in many colors and designs. They also can be motorized, so you won’t struggle to raise and lower your high-rise window treatments in Boise.

Plantation Shutters Direct Sun Glare Any Time Of Day

Faux wood plantation shutters in Boise

If you’re looking for a way to direct light instead of blocking light, you will want a solution like plantation shutters. These attractive shutters are more solid than a window shade, and the large louvers can keep natural light in your space, even when the sun is at window height. If glare becomes a problem, you can just tilt the louvers down and shift light to the floor. Or you can shut them tight for full privacy.

Occupants of high-rises commonly turn to faux wood for their shutters. These attractive shutters are constructed with recyclable faux wood that stand up to the test of time. They are one of the few interior window options that can hold up to the unrelenting sun on your Boise high-rise window. Popular faux wood shutters, like our Polywood® Shutters, are extremely efficient with up to 1600% more efficiency than your old metal blinds.

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