Boise Homeowners & Window Treatment Safety

Spencer Madsen

When shopping for a new window covering for your Boise home, you’re probably considering color schemes, insulating properties, longevity and more. But another thing to think about is safety.

Child safe plantation shutters in Boise kitchen.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently found certain window coverings to be some of the top hazards to kids in homes across the country, having been the cause of a number of injuries and deaths among young children. To help families find solutions to increase safety around the home, October was chosen to be National Window Covering Safety Month.

No matter if you’re choosing window coverings for kids’ rooms, or refreshing a space in which kids could visit occasionally, Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions is here to help make sure your house is as safe as possible.

How Can My Windows Be Hazardous?

The number one threat to kids in regards to window coverings in your house is dangling cords. Whether attached to shades, blinds, or a different window treatment, hanging cords have caused hundreds of injuries and deaths to especially young children over the past ten years from strangulation.

Window Treatment Cord Safety

If you can, substitute any corded window coverings in your home with cordless replacements. Shutters, cordless shades and cordless blinds are all great substitutes for corded window coverings, eliminating the most dangerous component of windows for the children in your house.

Plantation shutters in particular are a great choice for kids’ rooms, and not only because they aren’t offered with cords. Sunburst plantation shutters have been recognized by multiple family and safety organizations, such as Parents for Window Blind Safety, as a top safety pick.

Top Safety Pick by Parents for Window Blind Safety in Boise

Hazardous Window Covering Finishes

For solid window treatments, certain kinds of paints, stains or finishes might emit fumes that can be hazardous to young children. Polywood® and Ovation® plantation shutters release no fumes from any finish or stain, and are completely safe for every area in your house.

Window Falls

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that children are natural climbers, and the last place you want a child climbing is close to a window. Fabric window coverings do practically nothing to keep a child from tumbling out a window, but plantation shutters can provide a solid, stalwart barrier that protects your child from encountering that danger.

What You Can Do For Safe Windows

Boise baby's room with blue shades. 

Choosing the best window covering is the most important decision you’ll make in improving home window safety, but there are a few additional small things you can do to help:

  • In kids’ rooms, make sure the crib or bed is kept away from the window. This decreases the chance of any accidents.

  • Don’t keep any furniture that can be easily climbed near windows that may be dangerous.

  • Make sure all window coverings are tightly attached to the window frame or wall to prevent accidents.

  • If cords are absolutely necessary, make sure they’re pulled taut so they’re higher up, out of reach of any children. You can also try retrofitting them with this easy guide.

Make Your House Safer And Smarter, Boise

If you have concerns about window treatment safety, we’re here to help. Call us at 208-609-9129 or use the form below to set up a free consultation, where we can show you all your options to ensure that you rest easy in your home.